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EazyPaper has over 10 years of satisfied customers

I now recommend EazyPaper to my doctoral students as it seems to be the best, if not the easiest, citation and referencing program I have yet to encounter.
Dr. Richard A. NeSmith
Professor of Education
Jones International University
I just wanted to let you know a small publishing company picked up my dissertation and is turning it into a book! Should be out in the next month or two on Amazon! I am still stunned by this! I am telling you because your software and support were instrumental in a big way to getting this done and seeing this blessing from God happen. Just wanted to pause and say thank you.
Dr. Walter Swaim
Ph.D. Religious Education
Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary
Few times in my seminary career did I find myself more thankful then the day I came across EazyPaper! I really enjoyed writing papers but really struggled with proper footnoting. That ended when I started using EazyPaper. It was an worthy investment that proved to be one of the most important tools for me. Totally invaluable! The program is easy to use and will make anyone's paper writing experience so much easier!
Pastor Jay Maynard
Masters of Theology
Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College
I absolutely love your program. Furthermore, I plan to upgrade to PRO version soon to gain access to additional features. The Eazy Library feature is worth the price alone!
Jason Bickings
Government Studies
Liberty University
I really really really like your software! Thanks for getting it working, and thank you very much for restoring my database subscription!
Anthony D'Esposito
Instructional Design and Technology
Keiser University
I really love the program, been using it for almost a decade now, and I tell everyone that writes papers about the program.
Jason M. Ronda
Masters of Divinity Student
Fuller Theological Seminary
I have completed my Master's. This is an amazing program. I would not have made it without EazyPaper. Thank you!
Marieta Oglesby
Justice Studies
Southern New Hampshire University
I look forward to many years with EazyPaper... your product is amazing. While I started with you when I was a student...I have continued now that I am pursuing a new career choice - freelance writing (and working on some short stories).

Anytime I have had questions your representatives have been friendly, professional, and they respond quickly. I wish more companies would be like that. You are among the elite in my opinion.“

And then 11 months later...

”I want to thank you for years of wonderful service. I'm now retired. My husband is in poor health and meds and doctors take most of our money - plus a struggling economy. That is the only reason I am leaving EazyPaper. Best of luck to the creators and to all that work to keep this excellent service running.
Rebecca Frank
Honors in Humanities
Northern Arizona University
First, I LOVE the product. You've saved me an immense amount of time and money and for that I say, thank you!
Joe Jamerson
Masters of Worship Theology
Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies
Many thanks for a helpful product and terrific customer service. I'm impressed.
William Moss
Teacher Recertification
Nazarene Theological Seminary
I have utilized the EAZYPAPER PRO system for the past 3 months and have written several papers using all 3 styles offered (i.e., APA, MLA, and Turabian). EAZYPAPER put most simply, “Is absolutely AMAZING.”

I have written 25 papers or more and have literally saved days of painful formatting, and brushing up on what is necessary for each style indicated. EAZYPAPER is a necessary tool that needs to be a part of every student's repertoire and formula for success. It is easy, efficient, and a great time-saver. This of course equates to time, and time saved is an asset that we the student cannot place enough emphasis upon.
Robert P.
Regent University in Virginia Beach Va.
Your product has been an amazing help to me during my doctoral work, and I am really counting on it now that I am in my final dissertation phase. Your product has been intuitive and a real lifesaver from formatting all the references I must use every week.
Melissa Hartman
Doctorate in Business Administration
California InterContinental University
It works great! EazyPaper was a dear friend of mine during my Master of Divinity Studies, and now it will be a great friend for my ordination papers.
Rev. Darren Crotts
Smith Grove UMC
Hood Theological Seminary, M Div.
I am in tears... Thank you so much for your support it means so much to Hyperemesis Gravidarum families worldwide!

I will let others know about EazyPaper and direct them to the website. Written words cannot express just how grateful we are. Ayden Rae's Angelversary is June 12th and this is the best gift for this special time. This is going to make the foundations efforts so seamless and we are forever grateful.

Vanessa Pack
Ayden Rae Foundation
Ayden Rae's Mommy
Website: www.aydenraefoundation.org
* Note: EazyPaper Inc. gives discounts to charities, schools, and students in financial need. Vanessa asked for a discount for EazyMedical to support her foundation's research and advocacy for Hyperemesis Gravidarum sufferers, and we gave her a bigger discount than what she asked for.

If you think your organization may qualify for a discount, it doesn't hurt to ask. Generate a support request with your work email and link to your organization's website, and we'll support you as you serve others.
Michael Hu
EazyPaper Inc.
Thank you so much. I appreciate your efforts. Your customer service has been exceptional.
Brenda Darden Myrick
Master of Science in Nursing
East Carolina University College of Nursing
I truly am grateful to have found EazyPaper. This has been a life saver for me. Completing my term papers & research papers in the format requested by the profs has never been so easy.
Chris Windsor
Management Information Systems-Info Assurance/Security
Liberty University
I rely heavily on EazyPaper as I do at least 2 new APA formatted papers per week in my current program. It really makes it easier for me to concentrate on creating the content for my paper rather than worrying about the formatting.
Melissa Hartman
Doctoral Student in Business Administration
California InterContinental University
I just want to let you know how great your program is. I just started back to college after 20 years. Then the paper assignments started. I didn't know what APA was. How you help me. I want to thank you!
Matthew Inskeep
Breckinridge School of Nursing @ ITT Technical Institute
I've worked in the hospitality industry for ten years and I must admit this is my first time ever experiencing a "WOW" moment in regards to customer service. I look forward to passing the word around in regards of the EazyPaper product. Thank you for such a unbelievable product and exceptional customer service!
Gregory T. Robinson Jr.
Public Administration, Master's Degree
American Public University
Just have to tell you how much I love EazyPaper! It was well worth every penny I spent for it. Every time I had a problem with it I have written to you, but once I write, the problem corrects itself almost immediately so that by the time you answer me it has been working just fine! ROTFL!!

I am a returning student (age 58) who owns her own business and I have enough to do in my day without worrying about formatting APA LOL! Thanks for being there and thanks for making a really great program!
Johnetta Heil
One Very Satisfied Customer
Southern New Hampshire University Online
EazyPaper has been a great program and has allowed me to concentrate on writing instead of formatting. I consider this a must have for college and seminary.
Pastor Matt Skelton
Methodist Theological School
I think this is the best product out there and I will certainly use it in my papers - and I'll have lots of them because I just started my Master's Program!
Yorkville University
In my Graduate studies I have so many papers to do that your software is invaluable - I cannot get along well without it. Thanks again for all your help and patience in handling my support request.
Gary Niston
M.A. in Theological Studies
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Online
Just to let you know, I have used EazyPaper on 2 papers so far and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks!
Viterbo University
My computer crashed and I needed to reinstall EazyPaper. Your previous email to me walked me through the process with no problems. What a wonderful feeling. I think other companies could use some EazyPaper strategy, customer relations, and some good old down home responsibility and accountability.

Please, continue with your wonderful journey in the business world, don't forget us, and know that I wish you all the best this life has to offer.
Becky Frank
A Loyal Customer
I am so thankful for EazyPaper. I've been using it since my Bachelor work. I am now doing my coursework for a PhD in Public Safety and am on track to graduate in June 2011. What a blessing.
Dean H.
Azusa Pacific University alumni and graduate student
Public Safety and Leadership
Capella University
Thank you for developing and selling this software. It has been an enormous help and most of my papers are "A" papers I think because of it.
Antoinette Coughlin
Bachelors Program Paralegal Studies
Kaplan University
I must say, EazyPaper has the quickest response time I have ever seen for any on-line organization; I'm very impressed.
Byron Koop
Assistant Principal
I want to thank you for a great product. My wife is in her Master's program and I am finishing my Bachelor's degree. Your product more than paid for itself before our first papers were even complete!
Richard Dabbs
Business Information Systems
Bellevue University
Thank you for making EazyPaper affordable to me so I can pursue my dream career in Arson Investigation. Your product is the best invention for students everywhere.
Fire Science
West Georgia Technical College
Your program helped me the last two years in preparing my papers so I can finish my bachelors degree. The time that it saved me, the investment paid for itself.
Thomas Sharkey
Bachelors in Business Administration
University of Phoenix
I do love your software. It makes my paper so much easier to write.
Michael Vollero
Doctorate in Sports Management Leadership
Northcentral University, Arizona
I love this product. It almost makes it enjoyable to write papers for school.
Richard Mulrain
Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies
Liberty University
I am doing graduate work and EazyPaper has been such a blessing and help as I have written numerous papers. I have recommended it to many students. I believe in EazyPaper.
T.A. Powell
Liberty University
Once again your prompt and courteous as well as detailed reply has saved the day and reinforced my gratitude in owning your software!
Paul Yost
Masters in Biblical Languages
Tyndale Theological Seminary
Thank you for taking the time to fix this problem! EazyPaper is finally working again & licensed! I have tried a few other programs while my EazyPaper was down and EazyPaper is by far the easiest to use right from the start. I have gotten all A's on the papers I have written using EazyPaper and have come to depend on it very much!
Missy Boody
University of Phoenix
I am a huge fan of this product!!! Thank you again for your instructions and your time. You are a Godsend to this college student!!!
Western International University
I love my EazyPaper. It is the greatest thing that I have bought for school. I received a 100% (grade for formatting). I will recomend this (EazyPaper) to every one of my classmates.
Bucky Williams
Criminal Justice
University of Phoenix
I also thought I'd tell you that you are a genius. This sounds like a really cheesy advertisement, but EazyPaper has saved my life - I'm in the midst of writing three different papers right now, and I absolutely hate referencing things properly, so it's saving both my time and sanity.
Joanna Hudgins
BA in International Studies and Linguistics
University of New Brunswick
I learned about EazyMedical from my sister and I love it. I SUPER appreciated not having to look up how to do the bibliography formatting. I only had to translate the month name into French, and I was good to go!
Dr. Sarah Hudgins, MD FRCPSC
Love this program! Easy to use and great for graduate work. I recommended it to all my anesthesia classmates.
Roger Tatarian
Nurse Anesthesia student
Many many thanks. Not only is the program the best, but the tech support is superb.
Brian Black
Hey, from someone who has typed over 500 papers, I want to say that I really appreciate this product. The $150 was a BARGAIN!!
Greg Bullard
Philosophy Student
EazyPaper Pro worked beautifully. I was able to finish my paper in record time - Eazypaper is unbelievable and it cuts out so much work.
Annie B.
Masters in Education
EazyLibrary works great and I was able to finish my essay in a snap! Your program works miracles.
Tiffani Baker
Junior in History
Utah State University
I have used your library functions and they are incredible as I was able to set up a MLA bibliography extremely easily.
Michael Purdy
Carleton University
I am enjoying the program and it has helped me tremendously over the last 72 hours in completing two large APA papers.
Cassy Kincaid
Graduate student
University of Phoenix
Your program has saved me countless hours and I greatly appreciate it. Blessings on your company. I will certainly let others know about your great product!
Rodney Henderson
ThM Student
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
I really enjoy the new version and especially the DEMO on line. Congratulations on providing a much needed program.
Dr. Edward P. Myers
Harding University
Searcy, AR
I'm very delighted with (EazyPaper) and it's making my work eazy.
Tyrone Johnson
Mechanical Engineer, MS
Northcentral University
I started using your product this afternoon and love it.
Masters in Nursing
Andrews University
I love this software and concept...
Marion Gordon
Masters of Innovation and Technology
Boston University
I have generated hundreds of footnotes with EazyPaper. What a time saver. God knows how long this would have taken me without it. Probably days.
Development Practice, Masters Program
Oxford Brookes, UK
Once again, thank you so much for all the time you spent with me helping me install EazyPaper! And thanks for your patience in walking me through the process!

EazyPaper is working perfectly, and I am already benefiting from all the hard work you put into creating it!
Jeffry Smith
Adult Education, PhD Program
Capella University
EazyPaper is an inspired piece of work... I am even getting A's partially due to excellent formatting!
Mark B.
Lacrosse University
Thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate your attentiveness more than you know. This is really a great program, and I'm glad that I found it. I have recommended it to my entire class, so hopefully you'll be getting some more business; and hopefully they will use my discount code!
Mathematics Major
PS: What is this discount code?
EazyPaper is the best piece of software a student will ever own. The footnoting and bibliography inputting is easy and fast. The automated footnoting, bibliography database, alphabetizing of the bibliography, and updateable Table of Contents saved me hours of work. You promised to save me a minimum of 5 hours per paper. I kept an eye on the clock and you didn't save me 5 hours, you saved me an average of 7 hours per paper. Did I mention I'm writing 10 papers this year? Thanks EazyPaper.
Christian St John
University Student
Formatting papers was always a frustration, adding to the stress of writing papers, not to mention the frustration of losing unnecessary grades. EazyPaper makes writing perfectly formatted papers a breeze. EazyPaper automatically formats my footnotes, Table of Contents, and Bibliography, so I don't have to worry about losing grades. I can't believe I'm saying this but now I enjoy writing papers. I now realize my fear of papers was really a fear of formatting not a fear of failing. Thanks EazyPaper for a powerful piece of software that's easy to learn.
Ruth K.
University Student
EazyPaper delivered exactly what it promised: “Write the paper, not the footnotes”.   Did I mention it was eazy to use and eazy to buy? Talk about conservative estimates, EazyPaper promised to save me 5 hours per paper, how about 10? EazyPaper is a bargain for what it does in improving your productivity!  Thanks again for your hard work in putting this fantastic tool together.
T. Goss, PhD
I still remember typing my papers in college many years ago, now in a doctoral program I can hardly believe the ease it is to write quality papers. EazyPaper has reduced my work by a huge amount of hours, that can now be used more effectively in my studies. Thank you for such a great program!
Terry M.